Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015

Tata Cara Menulis Alamat Email Yang Benar Dengan Simbol [at] Bukan @

Sering kali setiap melakukan browsing internet menemukan beberapa website yang mencantukam alamat email sebagai pusat aduannya seperti Contact Me/ Contact Us dengan menuliskan [at] bukan simbol @. Hal inilah yang membuat admin Teknologi Virtual penasaran dengan penggunaan [at] untuk menulis alamat email. Misalnya admin[at], bukan

Setelah melakukan surfing akhirnya menemukan jawabannya di halaman dengan judul Why DO we use [at] instead of @? (Kenapa kita menggunakan [at] bukan @?).

[at] Bukan @

Inti dari penulisan alamat email menggunakan [at] dan bukan @ sebagai tingkat keamanan. Dengan menggunakan @ memudahkan para peretas masuk ke akun email untuk disalahgunakan, dan menghindari para penyebar spam (sampah) masuk ke email.

Berikut ini beberapa kutipan yang diambil dari halaman Aks Metafilter mengenai penggunaan [at] dan buka @:
  • Well, people do that on webpages so that spamcrawlers that are looking for an "@" sign won't pick up their e-mail addresses. I guess its just trickled down from the boingboing elite down to the mainstream at this point, and people do it in print just to be stylish.
  • it's generally done to avoid being recognised as an email address by automated things trawling the internet for spam targets. It makes no sense at all for a poster (unless you're worried about the Streetview car I guess...)
  • People type [at] instead of using the @ sign because it makes the email address less likely to be picked up by bots harvesting addresses for spam purposes. I'm not sure how well it works, but that's why people do it — it's considered a bad idea to write out your email address on a web site, or in any electronic form, without some sort of obfuscation for this reason. I think it originated on Usenet, because the spam problem is particularly bad there and it's also trivial for bots to go through messages and grab the emails in them.
  • If memory serves, in the earlier days of the internet, email spammers had simple bots that would trawl websites and so forth for the @ sign, assuming that the characters around it were an email address.
  • The convention "name [at] service [dot] com" was and is still pretty widely used as a simple preventative measure. Nowadays, I'm pretty sure spammers have much better ways of getting email addresses, and the taboo against posting an actual email address is a little less than it used to be.
Penulisan email dengan [at] hanya disarankan bila alamat email tersebut ditulisa di jejaring sosial sebagai pusat informasi mengenai diri Anda dan untuk ditulis pada website/ blog. Sedangkan untuk mengirim email ke email harus menggunakan @.

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